Retirement Planning Consultations

Expert Answers for Your Federal Benefits

Agencies may offer a pension estimate prepared by HR, typically available for those within 3 years of retirement. Many agencies are now also offering access to prepare your own pension estimate online through GRB or FedHR Navigator. Your challenge may be that while the report looks nice, you have no idea what it means for you.

All of our retirement consultations include a one-on-one Zoom meeting to go through each component of the
pension estimate we’ll prepare for you. This includes your survivor benefit options, Special Retirement Supplement (if eligible), Thrift Savings Plan, Federal Employee Health Benefits and Federal Employees Group Life Insurance. Your
questions will be addressed during this session.

When is the “best” date to retire?
What about your federal health benefits in retirement?
Should you take the survivor benefit?
What happens to unused sick leave at retirement?

This detailed report is more comprehensive than what you can run on your own through the agency’s online system.
Included in all consultations is a preparation/review of your retirement paperwork. We can also assist in applying for Social Security and Medicare when the time comes.
The cost is $500 and includes annual updates for those with more than one year to go until retirement.